Enjoy local cuisine and visit a miso storehouse at Kunitaya Miso Factory and Kura Café Sen no Hana

Taste house-made miso and shoyu,
then see how they’re made!

Miso and shoyu
– Japan’s most famous seasonings – are featured in local cuisine chock full of vegetables!

Specializing in zaku zaku vegetable soup
Kunitaya Miso and Shoyu Factory
Kura Café Sen no Hana

This small factory has been making miso and shoyu since the Edo period (1603–1868). Local Nihonmatsu cuisine is served in a remodeled kura, or brewery building, on the property.

2-30 Takeda, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture 964-0902
Approx. 15 min. by taxi from JR Nihonmatsu Station. Parking available.

Miso and Shoyu Factory

Kura Café Sen no Hana

Local Nihonmatsu Cuisine and Miso Factory Tour

Local Nihonmatsu Cuisine and Miso Factory Tour

Local Nihonmatsu Cuisine and Miso Factory Tour

Eat at Kura Café Sen no Hana.

  • Enter the café,
    located in a remodeled kura building on the grounds of Kunitaya.

  • Choose one of the lunch options below.

  • menu

“Zaku zaku” is a traditional soup packed with cubed vegetables that’s eaten on special occasions, such as ceremonies and festivals.

  • Listen to your server explain the dishes you’re about to eat.

  • Enjoy the local countrystyle cuisine. Itadakimasu!

  • The meal features many different dishes made with house-made miso and shoyu.

  • How did you like Nihonmatsu’s famous Zaku zaku?

After your meal, take a tour of the miso factory and visit the Kunitaya shop.

  • See various stages in the production process, from making the koji starter to mixing the miso.

  • You won’t find many opportunities like this to enter a miso factory!

  • The traditional recipe has been handed down since the brewery’s establishment in 1777.

  • After the tour, stop by the Kunitaya shop to sample the miso.

Tour times


Please eat during the times listed above.
*Closed Mondays

Tour length:Approx. 30 minutes
*Available for parties of 1 to 10.

1,500 per person for lunch (includes tour)

*Same-day tour reservations accepted for restaurant customers.

Reservations and Information

Tourism association


(Open 9:00-17:00)

Miso and Shoyu


Kura Café
Sen no Hana


In addition to meals, Kura Café Sen no Hana offers drinks including coffee and amazake, a healthful non-alcoholic beverage made from koji. Stop in for a casual drink or bite to eat!

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