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〜Chrysanthemums, sake, hot springs and more… sending fresh dispatches from Tohoku!〜


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Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, grew and flourished as a castle town.
Surrounded by nature’s beauty, with impressive views of Mount Adatara and Mount Abukuma,
it’s one of the most captivating areas of Fukushima Prefecture.

Nihonmatsu’s unique blend of history and nature have produced its diverse local specialties
—among them chrysanthemums, sake and hot springs—
and garnered praise from around the world as well as in Japan.

With this in mind, we plan to develop the Nihonmatsu brand even more actively,
showcasing local resources of outstanding merit for international tourism
and further spreading the word about the area’s lesser-known attractions.

We’ll be sending fresh dispatches from Tohoku…
so stay tuned for a Nihonmatsu brimming with hidden charms waiting to be discovered.

Nihonmatsu Activity Movie (Full ver) -Japanese-

Nihonmatsu Activity Movie (Full ver) -English-

What is Nihonmatsu DMO?

Nihonmatsu DMO showcases Nihonmatsu city’s special resources—“people, products and experiences”—and develops tourist destinations. Let’s learn more about the work of Nihonmatsu DMO.

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The Nihonmatsu brand

Nihonmatsu boasts five world-class “brand” products. We plan to tell the world about these products’ delicious flavors and distinctive features.

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Hands-on activities

Experience the charm and fun of Nihonmatsu as a family!

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