Nihonmatsu boasts five world-class “brand” products.
We plan to tell the world about these products’ delicious flavors and distinctive features.

Sake Be intoxicated by Nihonmatsu.

〜The delights of sake...born of Nihonmatsu’s abundant natural resources.〜

We’re launching a “Sake Navigator” certification course, increasing the number of authorized “Nihonmatsu Sake Navigator” shops, and further promoting the Nihonmatsu brand, so that the entire city can unite in spreading the word about the four sake breweries in Nihonmatsu.

What’s a “Sake Navigator”?

This certification was established with the aim of helping consumers enjoy sake to the fullest. In Nihonmatsu, the certification has been awarded to inns and hotels at Dake Onsen, and restaurants and sake brewing companies around the city.

Wine Nature’s gifts—direct from the land to the wines of Nihonmatsu.

Nihonmatsu wineries are easily accessible even from big cities.
Enjoy delicious wines brimming with nature’s gifts and growers’ pride.

Japanese sweets Individually crafted with utmost care.

Nihonmatsu has many venerable sweets shops.
Crafted with care, the unique and beautiful Japanese sweets of Nihonmatsu are a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Mount Adatara Experience the natural beauty of each season.

Designated one of the “Hundred Famous Japanese Mountains,” Adatara takes on a different kind of beauty in each season—majestic views in spring and summer, colorful autumn foliage and snowy winter landscapes.

Dake Onsen Hot Spring District A hot spring that bubbles up from the crater of Mount Adatara

One of the rare acidic springs in Japan, Dake Onsen’s mild water is both gentle on the skin and invigorating.
Try this truly special hot spring experience!