Enjoy Culture

Make traditional sweets & Enjoy a cup of matcha green tea

Experience making Japanese sweets,You can eat the sweets you made with matcha!

Experience what it’s like to wear a samurai helmet and armor.

Put on a colorful samurai costume and you, too, can be a modern samurai!

Experience Zazen at Eishozan Ryusenji Temple

Learn Zazen meditation in the 300-year-old main hall, situated on temple grounds surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can also ring the temple bell, practice calligraphy, and receive a special seal.

Enjoy local cuisine and visit a miso storehouse at Kunitaya Miso Factory and Kura Café Sen no Hana

Enjoy local vegetable-based cuisine featuring house-made miso and soy sauce—the true flavors of Japan. “Zaku zaku” vegetable soup, a Nihonmatsu specialty, is served daily.

Michinoeki (Roadside Station) Adachi Nihonmatsu Washi Traditional Crafts Gallery Washi paper making lesson

Choose from three paper craft options. The whole family can make wonderful memories and beautiful souvenirs!

Fukushima Farmers’ Dream Wine Create an original wine label and sample up to five wines.

Perfect for special occasions and gifts! You can take your wine home with you.

Kashidokoro Matsumoto Make Japanese sweets

Make two types of seasonal Japanese sweets at this shop run by fifth-generation proprietors.

Maruka Apple Orchards Hayama apple, cherry harvesting

Enjoy delicious apples and splendid vistas in orchards blessed with Hayama’s natural beauty.

Nagameno-Yakata Kounkaku (Japanese-style hotel) Includes admission to the Large Bath plus an onigiri buffet & soba lunch

One of the few acidic piped-in hot springs in Japan. Relax and enjoy a hot spring bath day trip with a delicious onigiri (rice ball) buffet & soba lunch.

Hana Kanzashi (Japanese-style inn) Hot spring bath day trip plus traditional kaiseki dinner

Hot spring day trip – enjoy seasonal cuisine and a relaxing bath in Dake Onsen, a hot spring with a 1,200-year history.

At Azumakan, experience flower arranging, tea ceremony and wearing yukata.

Azumakan offers introductory lessons in traditional cultural activities like flower arranging, tea ceremony and dressing in yukata. Stay at this hot spring inn and learn from the proprietress about the spirit of omotenashi— Japanese hospitality!

At Inoue Pottery Studio, create your own plate and take part in a tea ceremony.

Have family fun kneading clay and creating your own ceramic plates. You can also tour the workshop, see the creations of master potters in the gallery, and experience a mini-tea ceremony. So much to see and do!

At Hashimoto Buddhist Sculpture Shop, you can make your own chopsticks using the togidashi lacquerwork technique.

The shop’s artisans, who carry on 160-year-old wood carving and lacquerwork techniques, specialize in the restoration of cultural assets. These skilled craftsmen will help you create your very own one-of-a-kind chopsticks using the togidashi lacquerwork technique.

At Tanaka Furniture Workshop, try your hand at traditional woodworking techniques.

Nihonmatsu has a proud furniture making tradition going back 360 years. At this furniture shop you can try your hand at traditional woodworking techniques like planing and wooden nail hammering, with guidance from a master craftsman.

Make traditional sweets at Hinatsu Japanese Sweet Shop

Wagashi are the traditional sweets of Japan. Learn to make authentic jonamagashi sculpted sweets! And be sure to try the popular tamayokan bean paste jelly balls, a Nihonmatsu specialty.

Enjoy Sake

Himonoya Sake Brewery - Brewery Tours and Tastings

The local sake called “Senkonari” is rarely found outside Nihonmatsu. Visit the brewery where it’s made and taste it for yourself.

Tour a sake brewery devoted to the kimoto brewing method, and sample the finished product.
Daishichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Famed for its kimoto production method, the brewery has also developed its own super-flat rice polishing technology. Experience a tour and tasting at one of the most renowned sake breweries not only in Fukushima but in all Japan.