Concerning the Nihonmatsu DMO official website (hereafter “this site”), in carrying out our business activities we consider it our duty to protect users’ privacy, information, settings content and security, as well as copyright.

Personal Information

1)Information that is provided by users and can be used to identify them individually (hereafter “personal information”), whether provided via email, telephone, mail-in application forms, or application or contact forms on this website, will be handled in the following manner.

2)Personal information refers to identifying information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

3)When personal information is collected on this site, the purpose of collecting the information will be clearly stated, and only the information necessary to fulfill this purpose will be collected.

4)We will make every effort to appropriately manage the personal information collected on this site and prevent it from being stolen, falsified, inappropriately accessed, or hacked.

5)Personal information collected on this site will not be shared with third parties, except in the following cases:
A. When an individual or organization with the legal right to inquiry presents us with an official, written request for cooperation or information;
B. When the user gives their consent.

6) When a user requests that their personal information be amended or shared with them, we will do so only after confirming the identity of the individual using methods stipulated by this site.

7) This site strictly observes all Japanese laws, ordinances, and standards relevant to the personal information in its possession. We will review and revise the content of this policy at our discretion and endeavor to improve its quality.


All information posted on this site (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) is protected under copyright law. Except where permitted by this law, it may not be reposted, reproduced, sold, or otherwise used without permission from the rights holder.


In general, linking to this site is permitted. However, we request that you comply with the following guidelines.

  • Please link to the home page of the website only (
  • Please indicate that the link leads to “the official Nihonmatsu DMO website.”


Although we make every effort to monitor and manage the information on this site and on sites we link to, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, effectiveness, or safety of the content. In addition, this information is partial and pertains to the time it was posted. It may be removed or altered by the site managers or managers of the linked sites without prior notice, and the company takes no responsibility for these actions. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for harm caused to users of this site as a result of fire, electrical outages, other natural disasters, computer viruses, destructive action by outside parties, or other unavoidable events that cause the services provided by this site to become unavailable.